SeeMore - launches the GIANT FGP a project to create a putter that combined everything we knew about putter technology, alignment and the perfect putting stroke and enhanced it in every way possible. We have a design very familiar but quite different to the original FGP, easier to align, more forgiving, better balanced with a great feel.


A resurgent upscale putter brand known for the most visibly different, effective and validated technology in putting, Rifle Scope Technology (RST).  The re-launched SeeMore brand has quickly become widely sought after.  The technology now claims two of the greatest putting performances in Major championship history, Zach Johnson’s dramatic victory over Tiger Woods at the 2007 Masters and Payne Stewart’s unforgettable win over Phil Mickelson at Pinehurst in 1999.

SeeMore’s vision is that the golf world is ready for a dedicated putter brand that is independent in thought and passionate about bringing together the benefits of 100% made in the USA handcrafted product design, precision manufacturing and the alignment technology being the best kept secret in golf, SeeMore’s Rifle Scope Technology.

SeeMore’s mission is to offer PGA teachers, club fitters and consumers a solution to help golfer improve their performance on the greens by introducing them to a product that is not only a precise putter, but also an instrument that provides a continuous feedback system to monitor progress.

SeeMore Guarantee
SeeMore stands 100% behind our putters with the best customer service in the industry. Anyone purchasing a SeeMore putter from SeeMore or any of our authorized retail partners will find a company standing firmly behind its products and their performance. You will become part of our extended family of passionate players who love to roll the rock and cherish the lifelong pursuit of an improved putting game.

Anyone owning a SeeMore putter may contact the company at any time with any questions about their putting, their putting stroke, or their passion for the product. We welcome this dialogue! We stand behind our product.

SeeMore putters will engage the golfer in the possibility of a new and improved putting stroke through a consistent and repeatable putting system. We will help you get there, we promise! We look forward to your putting us to this test and becoming another of our valued customers.